About Me - amanda-sylvia

Hi! Thank you for checking out my website!

In short I am...human, a photographer, an equine enthusiast, a lover of all things pumpkin, a cheese admirer, a zombie apocalypse awareness promoter, a dog mom, a part-time gamer, a football geek, and only girly sometimes. For a bit of a longer version, I live happily with my husband, dog, and horse. I've been given an amazing opportunity to follow my passion and have a photography business. All three of my companions in life inspire me in different ways. My husband encourages and support my love of photography in any way he can. My dog tolerates having lenses and flashes shoved in his face for test shots (or as I tell him, "FOR SCIENCE!"). My horse has opened the world equine photography and the myriad of options it presents.

I hope you'll let me share my passion with you. Life is full of amazing moments and I'd love to help you capture them all.


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