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Please order, don't steal!

I sell great Facebook-quality photos for $10 each. Please please please consider purchasing one instead of taking photos off of my website. Aside from the fact that it is illegal to take photos (this includes screenshots!), it makes me very sad. I know that photos seem expensive, but for each photo purchased I am essentially being paid for my time (usually 5+ hours on location), wear and tear on my equipment (barns are dirty places, I'm sure the inside of my cameras/lenses hate me right now), and usually several hours after the fact on culling, editing, and posting your beautiful photos. I love making you happy by providing you with beautiful pictures, please return the favor by paying for your photos! If I find that my photos are being downloaded illegally by certain individuals, I will no longer take photos of those people at shows. Please understand, this is part of my livelihood that you're taking. I am not saying this to be a jerk, but I have to support myself.

Okay, I found some great pics, how do I order?

Awesome! Nothing makes me happier than people liking my photos! Ordering pictures is easy - above the selected photo, in the upper right-hand corner, there should be a button labeled "Buy". Click on that, select "This Photo" and purchase away! The default setting is for prints, but along the tabs at the top are options for merchandise and digital downloads.

Can I pay by check?

My web hosting site doesn’t make it easy, but we can make it work. Send me an email and we’ll get things started!

There's something about my picture I'd like to change...

No worries! There is a proof delay so I get to review all photos before they go to the printer. I only do minimal editing to photos before I post them on my webpage so I do check each and every print ordered. I always make sure each print is as great as possible and adjust each photo as necessary including cropping and lighting adjustments. Please let me know if you want any personalization or effects. I love to do what I can, but if there are any intense changes you'd like to make, such as removing items from the background (basically anything involving Photoshop), there may be an additional charge. These changes can be time-intensive to make. The one exception to this is for digital downloads. You receive them instantly, as you see them on your web browser. If there's something you'd like to change please email me before you place the order.

What's the deal with digital downloads?

As of right now I offer two types of digital downloads. The first is a low-res version perfect for web use. That mean it'll look great on Facebook, your blog, your personal webpage, and sending to grandma through email. The second is a high-resolution download that is even more awesome for all of the above and is also good to print up to an 8 x 10 image. That's a lot of bang for your buck! A quick note about digital downloads - the ones I offer are for personal use only. That means that you can go hog-wild posting them on your FaceBook page, blog, twitter, and for the high-resolution downloads, even making prints. If you'd like to use photos for commercial use, please contact me directly. Commercial use includes sale photos, advertisements, part of commercial websites for promotional purposes, magazines, books, newspapers, and other printed publications. Other situations apply, but I didn't want to bore you too much. Please contact me with any questions regarding personal/commercial use.

You missed me!/There are more pictures of my friend!

We do our best to take photos of everyone - we pinky swear. However sometimes there are things that happen beyond our control. Sometimes equipment fails, a trip to the loo might be needed, or something might happen to cause your pictures to not come out - including but not limited to, dust storms, torrential downpours, or bees (okay, this one hasn’t happened yet, but imagine how terrifying it would be if it did!). I also don't post photos of people falling off or of overly naughty horses. If you had either (or both!) of those happen during your ride and you're interested in seeing them, just shoot me an email. I'm happy to post them, but I don't automatically in case someone was hurt or you're feeling embarrassed.

Can I contact you for private shoots?

Absolutely! Please email me at contact@amandasylvia.com and we can certainly work something out.

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